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About Us

It is our responsibility to uphold the values from which Scrap Partners, LLC was built:


SAFETY: Continuously encouraging a Safety First mind-set
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Managing the customer’s needs first and foremost
STEWARDSHIP: Taking responsibility towards green earth improvement
HONESTY: Conducting business in a fair and straightforward manner
EFFICIENCY: Continuously improving operational processes
PASSION: Believing with utmost enthusiasm in staying committed to what we do. 

Scrap Partners, LLC takes pride in providing experiences that result in personal growth and advancement, while retaining a supportive structure throughout.



Our Commitment

Scrap Partners, LLC aims to redefine the recycling industry by providing innovative solutions throughout the recycling process.  Our commitment is to help our customers meet today's challenges and provide vision for tomorrow's opportunities.  The necessary components in providing value to our customers are safety, integrity and environmental awareness. We understand the importance in a solid network of communication and strive to encourage camaraderie throughout each division of our company.



 Scrap Partners, LLC is dedicated to top-quality service, while providing customized solutions for all your recycling needs. It is our duty to help you develop a customized, full-service program to maximize the return on your scrap metal. We understand that time is of the essence; therefore we provide a 24-hour on-call staff. Our goal is to supply you, the customer, with a pleasant and productive recycling experience. 



Public Collection

All of our locations are open to the public Monday – Friday, from the hours of 8am to 5pm. 

Some locations may vary with respects to Saturday and Sunday hours of operation, please call with any inquires. Each facility is designed to provide convenient recycling opportunities with:

     Qualified personnel

     State of the art equipment

     Clearly marked unloading zones

     Personalized Service

     Digital Scales

     Unloading Assistance

     Proper Metal Classification and 

     Segregation Transportation and Hauling

We ensure a variety of transportation and logistical services to fit your every need. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

     Roll-off container placement & pick-up with a variety of sizes available

     Van Trailers

     High-side Trailers

     Steel Dumping Trailers  

Recycling Program Services and Assessments

We are flexible with regards to our off-site recycling crews and aim to provide a tailored service that best fits your needs.

     Automobile crushing

     Farm equipment and miscellaneous scrap metal clean-up

     Landfill services, including white good/appliance evacuation and recycling

     Demolition and Deconstruction services

     Off-site clean-up services

Global Distribution


At Scrap Partners, LLC, we recognize the vast growth of our global economy as we have built an extensive network of relationships to ensure top pricing in every market condition. We take pride in shipping all materials direct to Domestic and International consumers worldwide. Our brokerage opportunities are unlimited, as we ensure reliable results.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."

 – Peter F Drucker 

Scrap Partners, LLC Leadership

Safety First


At Scrap Partners, LLC we are committed to upholding a safe and healthy working environment for every employee and customer. We take a proactive approach to maintaining the well-being of our employees by auditing each facility on a regular basis. We believe that it is necessary to remain involved in every operation to ensure proper procedures are being followed.




   Because of this, the most vital component to our Health, Safety and Environmental Program is continued education through comprehensive training. We begin each day communicating safety awareness practices that encourage a "Safety First" frame of mind. Our goal is to provide employees with the knowledge and guidance to help protect themselves and surrounding individuals.


Environmental Compliance



Preventing questionable scrap from entering the recycling stream is a key factor in protecting our environment for years to come. At Scrap Partners, LLC we have embraced this mission by creating a Source Control Program, enforced thorough inspection of raw materials upon receiving. The Raw Material Scrap Acceptance Policy is included below. Our goal is to help reduce the carbon footprint of our industry while adhering to all local, federal, and state environmental laws, as it is our full intention to encourage a cleaner environment for years to come.  

Scrap Partners, LLC Operations


As a continued effort in keeping up with today’s technological society, Scrap Partners, LLC takes pride in using the most innovative methods of recycling. Our highly-skilled teams of equipment professionals ensure each operational process is updated with the latest technology. The ultimate goal is to refine sorting and separation methods in an effort to efficiently maximize the percentage of scrap metal returned.



Scrap Partners, LLC operates a hydraulic baling press to compress the size of different recyclable Non-Ferrous materials. There are two types of balers, vertical and horizontal, that we operate to reduce and convert bulky material into compact, shippable commodities for ease of handling and transportation.    



Materials that initially enter our facilities are not always processable in scrap operations, due to their shape, size and thickness. Scrap Partners, LLC utilizes its torch cutting operation to reduce scrap into a manageable size for additional processing. Standard classifications for torchable material should
be scrap metal that is one inch thick or greater.



Scrap Partners, LLC operates a Mosley 1,000-ton stationary shear. This machine is designed to take oversized, obsolete scrap metal and process it to mill specs.  Scrap Partners, LLC facilities utilize mobile shear cranes to condense material. This type of equipment includes our Genesis Shear, which is
attached to excavators that allows for a process of cutting material that is too thick to shred.  



It is unlawful for Scrap Partners, LLC to purchase Non-Ferrous metals from
a seller who does not have a valid permit. Sellers who wish to sell
Non-Ferrous metals for the purpose of recycling, must obtain a valid permit
to transport and sell such metals.

What do I need a permit to sell?
Non-Ferrous metals: copper, copper wire, aluminum, stainless steel, brass,
catalytic converters (not aluminum cans and ferrous metals)

How do I get a permit?
Go to the County Sherriff’s Office (Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm). Be sure to bring a valid State issued picture ID.

How do I get a temporary permit?
UPDATE...  South Carolina no longer issues temporary permits. 


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